Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pentatonix Cookie

I have 
a few extra cookies, from a recent order, lying around;
at least a couple of days before I start molding a miniature charter plane for a cake;
a Pentatonix obsession;
a LilaLoa cookie challenge;
and a need to paint.
It's a 2.5" cookie
no bigger than the palm of my hand
and I have this favorite Pentatonix photo (by Tim Cruz)
that obviously (avi-ously) would be impossible to fit
in a miniscule cookie.
Hence, the sketched background to mimic the entire photo.
(which I haven't done before when taking photos of cookies --> LilaLoa cookie challenge)
I am not a painter
and I am still waiting for that voice to be silenced.
Yes? Van Gogh?
inaudible voices, most of the time
create the most noise
and the most annoyance.
The reason why
audible (out-of-this-wold-amazing) voices
like Avi's, Kirstie's, Kevin's, Mitch's, and Scott's
are always a comfortingly welcome reprieve.
(and not to mention their sometimes tear-inducing-laughter tweets)
listen to them on Youtube, buy their albums, follow them on twitter, see them perform live
paint them on a cookie.
P.S.  Scott, your left foot makes the photo (by Tim Cruz) perfect.
Have a wonderful week!
and oh, I have a video for while I was painting this, will upload next time
x charisma x
link to video -->


  1. U are just amazing :-) :-)

    1. Awwww... xx Thank you for your generous compliment, made my day extra special. Have a wonderful day!

      (I just replied to your facebook comment as well.) ♥♥

  2. Yo, Avi tweeted this a few minutes ago and it seems he wants to know who you are. Better respond to him.

    Figured I'd let you know... =P

    1. Hi liltingbreeze! I'm overwhelmed! I just posted a reply to his tweet. You're amazing for letting me know. Enjoy the weekend! :)


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